The Black Ceramic Collection.
Titanium and Ceramic in perfect harmony.

A sports watch of enduring beauty

In 2016, Grand Seiko expanded into the sports realm by presenting the Black Ceramic Limited Edition of four Spring Drive watches, executed in a dramatic combination of a zirconia ceramic outer case and a high-intensity titanium inner case.

For 2017, Grand Seiko will further widen its appeal of the brand and enrich the variation in the sports arena. The new series has the same sports design and a remarkable new hybrid titanium-ceramic bracelet construction. It also features a more powerful dial design with the Grand Seiko logo under the eleven o’clock position.

A sports watch of enduring beauty

An exterior design that maximizes
the unique characteristics of zirconia ceramic

The light-weight hybrid titanium-ceramic case

The flat shape of the case was developed with the aim of making the most of the unique characteristics of zirconia ceramic.

Despite the difficulties of polishing ceramics, the beautifully crafted ceramic edges on the polyhedral shape are polished to a mirror finish and produce the intricate overlapping reflections that are the characteristics of the Grand Seiko design.

Ceramic does not typically have reflective properties, but multiple polished surfaces on the case reflect light even in dim conditions, creating a sharp, crisp visual impression.

A remarkable new hybrid titanium-ceramic bracelet construction

As the zirconia ceramic¹ parts are raised slightly above the level of the titanium, the bracelet is virtually impervious to scratches and will retain its pristine appearance. Remarkably, given the technical difficulty of polishing ceramics, the ceramic parts in the center of the bracelet are polished to a mirror finish and the signature Grand Seiko sharpness of the angles on each component has been achieved.

¹Zirconia ceramic is stronger and tougher than any other fine ceramic and seven times harder on the Vickers scale than stainless steel.

A dial design for increased visibility

The powerful dial design

A powerful, expansive design incorporating the Grand Seiko logo.

Dial design

Extended minute hand and GMT hand

By reaching all the way to the hour markers, the minute and GMT hands enhance the legibility of the exact time.

Small second hand Evolved into a more functional design.

A propeller-shaped second hand

The new propeller-style second hand is different in its left-right design and length.
Two different types of markers are used so each hand has a target mark, which allows users recognize the number of seconds more efficiently.

New propeller style second hand

Markers and hour, minute and GMT hands with LumiBrite

LumiBrite inserts on the hands as well as the markers ensure high legibility.

LIMITED EDITION10th Anniversary Spring Drive Chronograph GMT Limited Edition

Grand Seiko blue dial

Grand Seiko blue dial

The blue of the dial is the blue that signifies craftsmanship and tradition in Japan and is the theme color of Grand Seiko.

Rose gold tone hands and markers

The Grand Seiko blue is matched for the first time with the rose gold tone of the hands and markers.

A tachymeter bezel

A specially designed tachymeter.

The tachymeter can calculate approximate average speed by measuring the time taken to travel one kilometer or other fixed distance within 60 seconds.

Caliber 9696, a specially adjusted movement

Caliber 9696, a specially adjusted movement

Caliber 9R96 has an increased precision rate of ±10 seconds a month, which is equivalent to a daily rate of ±0.5 seconds. To mark the enhanced precision, the oscillating weight carries the Grand Seiko lion emblem in18k rose gold and can be seen through the sapphire case back.

The case back direction might differ from that shown.

MOVEMENTSpring Drive - Bringing together mechanical
and electronic watchmaking for the best of both worlds.

Spring Drive is a movement that is exclusive to Grand Seiko. It delivers a level of precision far higher than any conventional mechanical watch, thanks to its unique regulator. As with a mechanical watch, it uses the unwinding force of the mainspring as its power source, but, in place of an escapement, it converts part of the energy generated by the rotor to electricity which powers an IC and a crystal oscillator.

Combining the advantages of mechanical and electronic watchmaking renders batteries unnecessary, negating the disruptive influence of temperature change or physical impact. The second hand moves with a smooth, glide motion, just like time itself.

The Grand Seiko Chronograph Caliber 9R86 models SBGC221, SBGC223 achieve a monthly rate of ±15 seconds, and the even more accurate Caliber 9R96 used in SBGC219 has a monthly rate of ±10 seconds, which is equivalent to a daily rate of ±0.5 seconds.

To ensure the stability and smooth operation of the chronograph and GMT function that give Spring Drive its exceptional time precision, a column wheel is used with a vertical clutch to ensure that the second hand never jumps when the wheel starts and that the operation of the chronograph is as accurate as possible.

Even with the chronograph in use, when wound to maximum capacity the Spring Drive Chronograph still functions for a full 72 hours or three days.


Ref. SBGC219 SBGC221,SBGC223
Movement Caliber 9R96 Caliber 9R86
Driving system Automatic with manual winding mechanism
Accuracy ±0.5 seconds per day (±10 seconds per month) ±1 second per day (±15 seconds per month)
Power reserve Approximately 72 hours
Jewels 50 jewels
Remarks Date display、Power reserve display function、GMT hand、Chronograph up to 12 hours、Calendar-linked time difference adjustment


Limited edition of 500pcs
Caliber 9R96
Caliber 9R86
Caliber 9R86